Your Account Has Been Hacked

Anonymous, the infamous hacker cult was the only thing on my mind and I was going to unravel their secrets and understand the real ideology hidden behind the Guy Fawkes mask.  In the world of deep internet, fake proxies and distributed networks, resided a world of secrecy and darkness.

It has been six months since I thoroughly started researching about them. I contacted the white hat hackers group around the world and tried to gain access to the their chat rooms many times in past. Not all efforts went futile. I knew I hit a lottery when I saw the following mail in my inbox.

   From: Anon1

 Date: 2nd February, 2015

Hey, kid. Back off from the chat room. The world of hackers ain’t for little kids. Go back to your Facebook and Twitter world.

This hacking business is not a joke.

The moment I read this, I knew I had their attention. This blew my mind. Yes, I was snooping around in the not-so-friendly online chat rooms and encountered a couple of hackers. No, they aren’t the usual Lets-Take-The-Internet-Down-And-Upload-Naked-Pictures-esque hackers. They had a  motive. A reason to use their computer skills and a collective goal. Take one down and ten will rise to take up their space. They are called Anonymous.

They are not the Lets-Take-The-Internet-Down-And-Upload-Naked-Pictures-esque hackers 

‘None of them are as cruel as all of them‘ is their motto. They stand for knowledge, truth and function as a legion.

My trusted source in Germany mentioned about the  4Chan,the website they all mostly function. With some insiders help and assistance of the white hat hackers I finally gained access to the chat rooms where some group members were talking about their attacks. I gained a guest access and was strictly told not to step the line else things will end nasty. So while I was hovering around the website, I found a chatroom and things got very interesting.

-Chat Transcript-

Anon1: Hey, who’s the new user Janzy_007?

Janzy_007: Hi! I am doing a study on hacktivists. Are really the Anonymous?

AnonY: Yes, kid. I can trace your user IP to India. What are you doing here?

Janzy_007: Curiosity, it got me here.

AnonY: Curiosity kills cats.

Janzy_007: Curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought it back. So temme how did a bunch of hackers start working as a community?

Anon1: How do we trust you\ Janzy_007?

Janzy_007: I believe you folks are misunderstood and I want to understand your true nature of ideology that Anonymous is based on. I have no reason to betray your trust.

AnonY: You better not mess with us, kid. The movement evolved, from a loose collective of teenaged 4channers posting porn, into one of the most interesting and unusual groups of our time, terrifying businesses, governments and individuals with their hacking and programming skills.

Janzy_007: Oh, I didn’t know that. I heard you are planning an attack on the Church of Scientology. You found the campaigns misinformative and dissent. Is that true?

Anon1: Yes, we did on 4Chan. And their campaigns of misinformation; suppression of dissent; their litigious nature, all of these things have caught our eye. With the leakage of their latest propaganda video into mainstream circulation, the extent of  their malign influence over those who trust them, who call them leader, has been made clear to us.

AnonY: Anonymous has therefore decided that Scientology organization should be destroyed. For the good of their followers, for the good of mankind–for the laughs–we shall expel them from the Internet and systematically dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form. We acknowledge them as a serious opponent, and we are prepared for a long, long campaign.Their methods, hypocrisy, and the artlessness of the organization have sounded its death knell.

Janzy_007: Oh. You call is Chanology? You guys sound wickedly interesting. How did Scientology react to that? Something tells me they didn’t take it well. I heard that Scientologists believe that Anonymous is being funded by evil psychiatrists.

Anon1: Externally, Scientology has been largely silent, with the exception of issuing a press release calling Anonymous cyber-terrorists, communists, Fascists, Nazis, religious bigots and KKK members, which was released in the St. Petersburg Times.

AnonY: Kid, understand, this is not a game for you to play. This is some serious business. You better not fool around this chatrooms.

Janzy_007: Yes, I better go now. Catch. You. Later?

There was something about the hackers. I couldn’t stop thinking about them. The dedication they had for their task was commendable. But what is morally correct? I decided that before I come to a conclusion, I’ll try to understand their philosophy and ideas. For that day I decided to crash.

None of them are as cruel as all of them.

I was coming the observations of first chat and I tried my luck and got myself suggested into their chat box for second time. I knew it was going to be hard. Outsiders snooping around in their chat boxes were given hostile responses. I logged on to my system and connected to the chatroom. I searched for user name AnonY and Anon1  but wasn’t able to find them. Maybe I’ll talk to some new member of the team today.

-Chat Transcript-

Janzy_007: Hello, Anon1? AnonY? Anyone here?

Darth_Bhr:Anon1 is in prison

Janzy_007: What? How?

Darth_Bhr:Hackers are a controversial, chaotic and commonly misunderstood bunch. Many of us have been arrested. You don’t get that Anonymous is not a monolithic entity but a wide spectrum of backgrounds, politics and tactics.

Janzy_007:Did one of your people sell you to the legal authorities? And how do you lot get arrested? It is ironic. You do an undercover task and boast about it on the Social Media platforms? What sort of approach is that?

Darth_Bhr: Yes, few hackers have convinced others of their street credibility. They don’t do much hacking himself, but are in every chat room. They keep tabs on upcoming hacks. They run their mouth on Twitter to establish their self-appointed gatekeeper status. This “hacker vanguardism” detracted from the populist meritocracy of Anonymous and left us more vulnerable to infiltration and arrest.

Janzy_007: You mean to say that select few to do all the attacks or act as spokesperson for the team?

Darth_Bhr: We are condemned as criminals without consciences, dismissed as anti-social teens without a cause, or hyped as cyber-terrorists to justify the expanding surveillance state. But hacktivism exists within the history of social justice movements. Hacktivism is still the future, and it’s good to see people still doing something about it.

Janzy_007: Darth_Bhr I have heard that the hacktivist group Anonymous is planning to launch a series of digital attacks against nations it accuses of funding or arming the radical Islamic terror group ISIS. Is that true?

Han_Solo: You’re asking too many questions. You sound like those undercover journalists.

Janzy_007: I am not an undercover Journalist or a government spy. I am an independent researcher. I heard that the campaign against ISIS will be called Operation NO2 ISIS and will target three states suspected of offering support to the [Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant].

Han_Solo: Government websites will be blasted with DDoS attacks with Anonymous planning to “unleash the entire legion” upon its enemies.

Darth_Bhr:For an organization like ISIS that relies so heavily on social media to spread its propaganda, it’s likely to be a critical blow. Anonymous claimed responsibility for targeting dozens of websites, forums and social media accounts used to broadcast ISIS propaganda and recruit new fighters.

Janzy_007: Anonymous accounts are using the hashtag #OpSIS and uploading lists of email addresses, hundreds of social media accounts and personal details of alleged ISIS members to is a good thing, right?

Darth_Bhr: As they say in your country ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s revolutionary.’ Who are you to judge the right and wrong?

And his words left me thinking about the whole concept of right and wrong. What is morally correct?

One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s revolutionary.

I came home to find the telly flashing with the news of Charlie Hebdo massacre. My thoughts first went out to the Hacker Activist group. I ran to my laptop and logged in. The chat room was buzzing with the views and opinions on the the attack. This time, I found a new member from Anonymous.

-Chat Transcript-

Janzy_007: The news headline says “Hacktivist group Anonymous has fired the opening salvo in its online war on terror groups following the Charlie Hebdo massacre.” What is it all about?

Sherl_Error:Yes, Anonymous has always fought for the freedom of speech, and will never let this right besmirched by obscurantism and mysticism. Charlie Hebdo, historical figure of satirical journalism has been targeted.

Janzy_007: You feel that it is your job to  remind every citizen that the press’s freedom is fundamental to democracy. Opinions, speech, newspaper articles without threats or pressure, all those things are rights you can’t change.You folks are amusing and bizarre in your own way. What is your real identity?

Sherl_Error: Be careful. This might be the last question you would ever ask.

We cannot die; we are forever. We are getting bigger every day–and solely by the force of our ideas, malicious and hostile as they often are. If you want another name for your opponent, then call us Legion, for we are many. Yet for all that we are not as monstrous as you are; still our methods are a parallel to your own. Doubtless you will use the Anon’s actions as an example of the persecution you have so long warned your followers would come; this is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged. We are your SPs.

Knowledge is free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive

We do not forget.

Expect us.

The computer screen flickered for a while and went blank showing nothing but this one message.

-Connection error: The site you’re requesting does not exist-

Knowledge is free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Constitution 101:The Untold tales

The Constitution of India is probably one of the least read of texts in India. It enjoys neither popular affection, nor particular appreciation. However, the original book that is this painfully-detailed mammoth text, is a piece of art in its own right.

While the main body of the text is something we are all vaguely aware of, thanks to civics classes in school, the artwork that details each page of the original book is something most of us are unfortunately unaware of.

Through this piece intends to focus on the images and the artwork that is an integral part of the Constitution and unravel the meaning behind each image and each piece of art, thereby, further adding meaning and layers to the otherwise tediously boring sounding words.

The Constitution is a fusion of a  historical document with a contemporary writing style which needs to be made more accessible, eliciting greater appreciation and recognition.

Here’s the catch. We don’t like to read much. So I have taken up the challenge to write a description of the images in 140 twitter-worthy characters.

There exists a hand written edition in both Hindi and English of the Constitution of India

What is a constitution and why do we need it?

The constitution of a country is a set of written rules that are followed by the citizens of the nation. It is the supreme law that determines the relationship between the citizens and the government. It generated a degree of trust and coordination required for enabling a diverse population living together in harmony. Constitution also specifies the formation of government and the structure of power distribution. It not only states the rights of the citizens but also expresses their aspiration and visions for creating a better society.

Before we begin the visual journey,let us glide through some popular facts about the Constitution of India.

It is the longest constitution with 448 articles, 12 schedules and 94 amendments.

On 29 August, 1947, a committee for drafting the constitution was established.Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was appointed as the Chairman of the committee

After the constitution was presented to the Constituent Assembly, they took two years, eleven months and seventeen days to pass it.

As many as 284 members of the Constituent Assembly had signed the documents on January 24, 1950. Two days later, the constitution came into effect.

On January 26, 1950, the Indian Government also adopted Sarnath, the Lion Capital of Ashoka with the wheel, bull, and horse as the national emblem of India.

And, it is the only constitution in the world which has images.

The details and text makes it an art of a different kind.

The Hand-crafted Indian Constitution

Let us start with a question. Were you aware that the original Constitution of India was not printed but handwritten?

Don’t worry. You ain’t the only one. A majority of the Indian population is  not aware of that fact. The exquisite original hand-crafted constitution was a product of artistic inventiveness of Acharya Nandalal Bose and his student from Kala Bhawan in Shantinikentan over a time period of five years.

A glance through the artist history

Prem Behari Narain Raizada did the calligraphy using a holder and nib, (303 no. nib). The Government of India had allotted him a room in Constitution House where he completed this prestigious work, for which he did not charge any fee. Shree G. Mavlankar (first Speaker of India) had written in a letter – “I must mention that he (Raizada) did the work merely for his love of art & his country, without any demand or expectation even of remuneration”

Along with his students, Nandalal Bose in Shantiniketan, took up the historic task of doing the art work for the original handwritten version Constitution of India. In addition to planning and providing the leadership for this ambitious work, Nandalal Bose himself painted the major images.

The “Preamble” page, arguably the most important one in the constitution, was done exclusively by Beohar Rammanohar Sinha and it bears his signature, Ram, in the Devnagari script. Beohar Rammanohar Sinha initially did not sign it, but his teacher, Nandalal Bose insisted that the former must sign the page so that future generations are able to recognize, remember and celebrate the artist who ornamented the face of the Constitution of India.

The Preamble with the signature of Ram. He significantly contributed to the execution of line-drawings and gold-works that bear Nandalal Bose’s signature “Nand”.

A minor analysis of the images.

Pages of the Constitution are embellished with highly stylized decorative borders, headers and backdrops. The complex decorative patterns in the borders and in front and back covers, embossed in gold on leather, are reminiscent of the Ajanta ceiling murals. 

At the beginning of each part of the Constitution, Nandalal Bose has depicted a phase or scene from our national experience and history.

Nandalal Bose has taken us through a veritable pictorial journey across four thousand years of rich history, tradition and culture.

The art work and illustrations (twenty two in all) rendered largely in the miniature style.

Represent vignettes from the different periods of history of the Indian subcontinent ranging from the prehistoric Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley, the Vedic Period, the Gupta and Mauriya Period and the Mughal Period to the national freedom movement. 

The Vedic period is represented by a scene of gurukula (forest hermitage school).

Epic period by a visual of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana returning homeward.

Trivia: This image of Ram, Sita and Lashman was used to for a verdict for the ‘Ram Janmabhoomi‘ dispute. The court declared Ram to be a Constitutional entity as his image has been used in the constitution.

Another Kalabhavan artist who is said to have contributed to the art work of the original handwritten constitution was Kripal Singh Shekhawat from Rajastan.

The constitution portraying the epic period by image of Krishna and in battlefield.
There is a beautiful line drawing of the Nataraja, as depicted in the Chola Bronze tradition.
Other important figures from India’s history include Akbar, Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Tipu Sultan, and Lakshmibai.
The freedom movement is depicted by Mahatma Gandhi’s Dandi march and his tour of Noakhali as the great peacemaker, and of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose.
Snippet of history: the page that describes the commencement of the constitution.

The illustrations and the decorative borders are quintessential of the Santiniketan (Kalabhavan) style, which in turn was greatly influenced by the cave paintings of Ajanta.

In many ways, this original hand crafted Constitution of India represents one of the triumphs of Shantiniketan and Kala Bhavan.

If you found the constitution of India exotic and intriguing, check out the complete version of the meticulous piece of art over here and read the entries in detail over here.

An Idea: Ode to Benedict Timothy Cumberbatch

w640An Idea

For her, he is a star. The impeccable design of beauty and charm.

The living symbol of British sophistication and the ideal man.

The admirer of the art. The charismatic prince.

For her, he is the dream of ecstasy.

“His cheekbones, good heavens, have you seen them?”, she says.

“I wish I could marry him. He is just so pure.”, she says.

He is that one place she wants to go to. The face she couldn’t live without.

He is her supreme obsession, the dying wish.

wjqhfoqihfqpigNot for me.

To me,he is a hope. The silver lining of the dark cloud.

The light at the end of the long winding tunnel.

To me, he is the reason I thrive to be better every passing day.

He is the perception that makes me question the very cornerstone of my belief.

It is him, who makes me kindle a spark that burns me slowly.

It is not the mushy teenage love I talk about.

It is an understanding that can not be explained in Tumblr quotes or Facebook status.

I don’t desire for him. Nor do I want him.

Like a spectator from a distance, I admire his presence.

It is not a science for your logic to figure out. Nor philosophy to reason.

A mere play of emotions; unearthly and complex.

It is him, who unties the knots I have so recklessly woven myself into.

He is the chaos in my soul that gives birth to a dazzling star.

It’s not love. It is above it. It is a choice I make. Every single day.

He is the gravity, my gravity. Splendid and untamed.

He inspired me, defines me. Admiration amalgamated with tenderness.

He galvanized my mind and soul into something beautiful.

He is the story I embrace, the song that plays through my heart.

It is not him, but the mere idea of his existence that I am hopelessly in love with.

He is the idea I live for.

And the idea I could die with.



4186516481_1f8a253ed1_bAs silent as a funeral
Moaning with heads bowed
We are writing exams
All brains filled with doubts

Burnt our night lamp
Oiled our eyes
But in exams looking from here to there
Acting like FBI spies

“My memory is weak”
All complains goes in vain
Wrote for hours together
Still no marks to gain

Now how funny this school exams seem
With all the syllabus defined
While writing exams of life
Along a road undefined.


Helen of Troy

9767233194_ce6a3f1593_k6898421660_2203c07326_kThe Sky is falling, the moon withering

Won’t you mend this my beauty?

The heavens’ blaze ,angel’s pain lay bare

Love, for our beauty the world sit and stare

The night is darkening the world falling apart

Poised for a word of love, my lady’s Katoptris the image behold

Her eyes twinkle brighter that the stars

Her hair gushed like a sweet waterfall

No hatred shall destroy

For my rime has been spoken about Helen of Troy

I stared at the dark  water only to see the moon

The morning sun won’t be the same for all

Blood and pain shall flow in lagoon

The sun shall rise only to see the copper sky

Together we fall apart river Styx

Paris behold the beauty of my lady

Away keep Menelaus’  practices coarse

Protect her, your kingdom and love

As what started with an apple shall end with a horse

None shall destroy

The rime I addressed to the Helen of Troy

Loss of Fantasy


There was a day when I believed fairies existed
And moon was made out of cheese
There was a day when I believed that Sun woke up
From behind the mountains and slept back in sea.

There were days when I used to stay awake
Just to see the Santa Claus give gifts
And there were times when I use to dream
To built a castle of chocolates and sweets

But now sitting in this laboratory
I regret the loss of this fantasy
With knowledge and wisdom inside of me
I finally lost the world’s beauty.

And now when time is flying by
Taking away dreams of past
I wish to invent a device
Recreating forgotten fantasies that shall last.

The Warning

8438987892_bbfbc04e27_kIntruder beware!
What follows ain’t my fault
This property is jinx
Throw back into the secret vault

Lies and love won’t cause difference
Ancient curses guard this secret
The sword of Octesian Storm shall burn your bones
Lay your soul to die and degrade

Ask his highness
Hang before him your life cord
But remember this my friend
A pen is mightier than a sword

The Warrior



“Beware enemies of the heir the hero shall rise”
Said the mother to the baby cuddled in her lap.
“Days of fear shall pass by, nights as cold as ice”
The infant giggled, unaware of the fate that lie ahead.

Now he is a young lad,
Running around in ugly streets.
The commoner knew what future he had,
And they cried in despair.

“You are the warrior, the downfall of the empire!”
He has been hearing this from last fifteen years.
“Storm if you love us, burn the kingdom in fire”
The sword in his hand felt like throne in rose.

He is a youngturk full of zeal and valour,
Fell in love with a beauty unknown.
Neither the night nor the day passed in peace,
Enemy such golden opportunity seize.

The heavens raged, blazed the skies,
Together attacked the hero,the traitors and the spies.
His  beloved was the princess of the emperor, he now knew.
Love was her strategy to defeat Octesian and burn him to ruins.

Heartbroken, yet the warrior didn’t forget his promise.
For the people were his soul and fought till the end.
The enemy defeated, his scars open,he met the beauty,
She, with his sword killed the warriors whose remains are still found in the sands.


The palace of love



An era has passed since we last met
The palace we knew is now in ruin
The ballroom where we danced
The rose petals , no more to be seen
I still wait for you
Just as I used to do
In the midnight garden
Where our love pure grew
Though my body has perished
My soul awaits you
Our love eternal
Now on lips of growing hearts
I called you my pauper,they call you Romeo
Your princess awaits for you with the name of Juliet